Alexander  Gratzer

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* 1993 in Hallein/Austria

2012 - 2018 
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Painting (Diploma)

2018 - 2021
Moholy - Nagy Universität Budapest, Animation (Master)

In The Upper Room, 8’09, 2022
Apfelmus, 6’51, 2019
Anniversary present, 1’20, 2018
Animateur, 4’, 2017
Rollercoaster, 1’, 2017
Angelique, 3'03, 2017
Axel, 4'25, 2017
Espresso, 5'21, 2016
Museum guard, 2'57, 2016
Im Wohnzimmer, 2'14, 2015
An interview about Apfelmus
(Cinema Next 2019)

Cinema Next
In your own words: What is "Apfelmus" about?

Alexander Gratzer
Two birds and two polar bears try to find out why they are so dissatisfied with their current situation and long for a different life. However, these longings are "strictly" guarded by two "capable" soldiers.

Cinema Next
Why do your characters do and say such bizarre things?

Alexander Gratzer
When I make a film, I take a lot of time coming up with ideas. Often I do such long circles in the room that I "have" to take a nap, exhausted. The espresso afterwards usually brings the decisive throw. If this idea still isn't whimsical enough, the only and best solution is to simply leave the house and get on a Viennese tram.

Cinema Next
When did you first start drawing and realise that you had a talent for it?

Alexander Gratzer
It must have been at the tender age of two; a good time when I was still coming up with whimsical ideas without espresso. Then my parents saved all the drawings from my childhood and youth and had them bound into a book. Looking back, it's funny to see that my penchant for minimalism has obviously hardly changed to this day. Even back then, I preferred to draw only a very small detail, for example an ear, on a large sheet of paper. It's only recently that I've started to think more about image composition and wasting paper.

Cinema Next
Do comparisons with Loriot's humour and characters flatter or bother you?

Alexander Gratzer
I don't quite understand the comparison, because Loriot and I are actually quite different. Loriot says, "A life without a pug is possible, but pointless." I, on the other hand, have always been a fan of the dachshund.

Cinema Next
What is your favourite scene in "Applesauce" and why?

Alexander Gratzer
The second scene, because a little bird is able to stand up to the guards and their "discipline" for a while, until it finally falls exhausted into its nest and takes a nap. I can identify with this bird.

Cinema Next
For those who still want to be convinced now: Give a recommendation for your film in one sentence.

Alexander Gratzer
Whenever I had a crisis in my youth, my parents made me a special, healing applesauce, with which all the problems were blown away and I finally felt ground under my feet again. And since the recipe for this special, healing applesauce is revealed in this film, anyone who is currently having a crisis and wants to overcome it absolutely has to see the film.
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